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Art Gallery in Bangkok & Cultural Tours in Thailand

Rock Around Asia is both an Art Gallery (based in Bangkok) and Online Art Gallery, for buying authentic Southeast Asian Fine Art from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia. Rock Around Asia proposes a major collection of Art (about 400 pieces) such as wooden carving, paintings, lacquers, bronze, stone carving, epoxy resin, pop art, earthenware, Thai Khon Masks, prints, limited editions, photographs… The Artworks we source are unique and rare, all pieces are contemporary Art connected to local traditions. Our mission is to introduce and support talented Asian artists and artisans who have few ability to make themselves known. We provide services such as secured worldwide shipping and we manage every step by ourselves: best packing, custom clearance, insurance coverage and dispatching (Airmail door-to-door services with TNT, DHL, ThaiPost). In parallel, Rock Around Asia design and organize exclusive private cultural tours in Bangkok and in Thailand in a very unique way of promoting cultures and traditions. Welcome in a World of Art and Travel Experiences.

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