Art Consultants Bangkok (Thailand)

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Bangkok Art Consultants

Friendly Art Consultants Team in Bangkok

We mainly operate in Bangkok, Samui, Hua Hin, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and we give you access to the Largest Resource of Emerging Thai Artists

Multicultural, Thai, French and English speaking, high education level both in Art History, Archaeology, Anthropology and business, Rock Around Asia‘s creative, devoted and passionate team is unique in the way we conceptualize, develop and operate ourselves as professional Art consultants. Wherever you are in Thailand, whether Bangkok or Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, we will provide the best Art-related experience to you.

Our determined and enthusiastic team of Art Consultants covers a large scope of skills to offer you some unique opportunities and achievements: Strong business background, customers success stories, creativity and innovation, deep knowledge in History of Art, Archaeology, Anthropology and Art Techniques, project management, Art sourcing, access to the largest and unique Thai Artists Network (undergraduates, young graduates, emerging, renowned and professors), connections with all Thai Faculties of Fine Art and Museums, notoriety, Research & Development that allows us to maintain our leadership and realize our Vision. Whether you are a prospect, a customer, a partner, a supplier and an employee, Rock Around Asia is a unique and pleasant experience in Art.

Multicultural Team

  • Eric Monteil is the Founder of Rock Around Asia, Managing Director, Art Consultant, Curator, Art & Museums Tour Guide & Photographer. Eric is French, in charge of art sourcing (procurement), marketing, sales, business development and partnerships. Eric studied and graduated with a Chemistry / Executive MBA in France. He has always worked in the fields of Science & Innovation as an innovator. Eric launched Rock Around Asia in Bangkok early 2011 after his 7 month motorbike trip in Southeast Asia (2010).
  • Nawin Biadklang is a successful, respected, renowned Thai Artist who currently heads Painting Section as Art Instructor of Graphic Art Department, Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts of Silpakorn University in Bangkok. Nawin is considered as one of the excellent advanced Thai artist mastering painting. He has constantly creating many art works and joined several group and solo art exhibitions, as well as participated and been awarded many prizes from national and international competitions. Nawin acts as Senior Art Director & Consultant at Rock Around Asia.

Emerging Thai Artists Social Network

Since June 2015, we have been sourcing a large network of dynamic Emerging Thai Artists. Those young talented Thai graduates in Fine Arts are strongly motivated to connect with their first customers, who help them to start living as artists and make money with their art. Rock Around Asia, As a social Art Incubator, coaches those emerging Thai Artists and support them through the Online Platform we have developed. We currently have 70 full artists profiles online to be appointed to support any kind of Art-related projects. It’s time to join our artists community.

Knowledge coverage

Western Art – Civilization – Iconography in Western Art – Romanesque & Gothic Art – Greek Art – Renaissance Art – 19th & 20th Century Art – Baroque, Rococo & Neo-Classic Art – History of Europe – Prehistorical Archeology in Europe – Middle East Art – Sri Lanka Art – Ancient Egyptian Art – Islamic Art – Indian Art – Archeology in India – Prehistorical Archeology in Africa – Southeast Asia Art – Survey of Art History in Neighboring Countries – Survey of Art History in East Asia – Art in Burma – Dvaravati & Srivijaya Art – Khmer Art – Laotian Art – Indonesia Art – Historical Archeology in Southeast Asia – Thailand Art – Survey of Art History in Thailand – Concepts & Techniques of Thai Painting, Sculpture & Architecture – Ayutthaya & Rattanakosin Art – Sukhothai & Lanna Art – Thai handicrafts – Prehistoric Art in Thailand – Contemporary Thai Literature – Historical Archeology in Thailand – Prehistoric archeology in Thailand – Contemporary Art in Thailand – Eastern Art – Iconography – General knowledge – World Civilization – Research methodology in Art History – Art Criticism – Classical Mythology – History of Archeological Thoughts & Theories – Ancient technology – Geology & Pedology for Archeology – Archeological Excavation – Anatomy for Archeology – Research methodology in Archeology – Archeological Analysis & Interpretation

One-stop art-related Services