Eric Monteil

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Art Consultant Bangkok

Art Consultant • Fine Art Photographer • Cultural Tour Guide

Founder & Managing Director

Eric is the Founder of Rock Around Asia, Managing Director, Photographer, Art Consultant and Tour Guide. Eric studied and graduated with a Chemistry / Executive MBA in France. He has always worked in the fields of Science & Innovation as an innovator. During his 7 month motorbike trip in Southeast Asia (2010), Eric realized the concept of Rock Around Asia. He then moved to Bangkok in early 2011 to launch it and bring his own contribution in terms of local development.


With time and the various range of activities proposed by Rock Around Asia, Eric has acquired a solid knowledge as curator about Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, in terms of Art, Craft, History – which covers Ban Chiang (prehistoric) civilization to Rattanakosin Era (present time) – Contemporary Society, Politics, Education & Museums. Eric has developed a reliable and effective Art network which includes artists, craftsmen, academics, suppliers, museums executives, etc. With such value for culture, Rock Around Asia can supply numerous services focused on Art, Education & General Culture. This makes Rock Around Asia unique.

From a motorbike trip to Rock Around Asia

“On 25 March 2010, while I was flying from Paris to Hanoi, Vietnam, with the delightful prospect of taking a tour of Asia with a backpack and a camera, I couldn’t imagine that I was going to buy a motorcycle seven days after arriving and without ever having ridden a motorcycle before. I also couldn’t imagine that, ten months after my departure, I would settle in Bangkok, Thailand, to develop a cultural concept there. What an adventure, what a turnaround; this is what makes life so exciting. Rock Around Asia is thus at the beginning of this trip taken in motorcycle through Vietnam, then Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia and, later, Myanmar. The fact of having bought this motorcycle at the beginning of my journey would alter all my plans. By going off the beaten path, I encountered many artists and artisans, each one more gifted than the other, giving me the idea of Rock Around Asia.“- Eric Monteil

Innovation, Research & Development

As a scientist and creative entrepreneur, Eric Monteil has always been aware about the importance of Research & Development. Executing a mission like Rock Around Asia requires crossing many entry barriers: Sourcing the works, management of supplies with their associated limitations (multicurrency purchases, packaging, protection, transportation, insurance, customs clearance, challenging local practice of English, etc.), confusion between Art and Religion with local authorities, Regulatory protectionism, etc. If one adds to this list the necessity of differentiating oneself in order to offer a true new value-added service, Research & Development becomes an essential process to achieve it and gives Rock Around Asia its originality and potential for development.

Education & Background

Eric Monteil first studied Chemistry & Physics at the National School of Chemistry, Physics & Biology, Paris, France. Later, he graduated with an Executive MBA at Reims Management School (France). Eric started his career in 1989 as a chemist at L’Oreal (world leader in cosmetics manufacturing). He worked eight years in a Research Center located near Paris, mostly on hair and skin care programs. But monotonous life in a narrow laboratory bothered Eric, who quit L’Oreal (because he’s worth it) in 1997 to start his entrepreneurship career – first in sport business (leisure aircraft), and then Software Industry (Knowledge Management, Financials M&A Services and 3D web services). The company he co-founded in 2006 was acquired in early 2010 by CDROM Sni, leading Eric to Southeast Asia. Eric is also a Hang-gliding, Paragliding & Microlight Aircraft Pilot Instructor.

Business Awards

When founding his two IT companies, Eric raised money to finance R&D programs for each one. Then, he was awarded each time from Scientipôle Initiative (France), Paris Development (France), Banque Populaire Création d’Entreprise (France) and OSEO Innovation (France). Eric was also involved as entrepreneurship coach for Young Executives Managers at Institut d’Optique Graduate School, Polytechnic Campus (France).

Connect with Eric

Eric Monteil by Emerging Thai Artist Ja'