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Rock Around Asia 2010 Eric Monteil Photography Exhibition

“On 25 March 2010, while I was flying from Paris to Hanoi, Vietnam, with the delightful prospect of taking a tour of Asia with a backpack and a camera, I couldn’t imagine that I was going to buy a motorcycle seven days after arriving and without ever having ridden a motorcycle before. I also couldn’t imagine that, ten months after my departure, I would settle in Bangkok, Thailand, to develop a cultural concept there. What an adventure, what a turnaround; this is what makes like so exciting.

Rock Around Asia is thus at the beginning of this trip taken in motorcycle through Vietnam, then Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia and, later, Myanmar. The fact of having bought this motorcycle at the beginning of my journey would alter all my plans. By going off the beaten path, I encountered many artists and artisans, each one more gifted than the other, who gave me the idea of Rock Around Asia.

Thanks to these beautiful and decisive meetings, I chose to settle in Bangkok, Thailand seven months later to tell the story of this journey through an art gallery. Rock Around Asia opened its doors in October 2011, on the eve of the historical floods that threatened the capital and caused countless damages throughout the entire country”- Eric Monteil


Exhibition Details



  • March – April 2012
  • Grand Opening on March 12th


Grand Opening Photos Gallery