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Lost in Emotions by Xavier Cloitre

The World of Xavier Cloitre

Lost in Emotions by Xavier Cloitre - Rock Around Asia Art Gallery

«Photography is about connecting with people, getting emotions and learning. »

« I have never said that my work was  about making Art, nevertheless it pushes me to move forward, makes me feel and think about things from another perspective. My work makes me happy. And this is a real Art, isn’t it? »

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How to apply for Online Exhibition?

Every month Rock Around Asia organizes on its website a virtual Exhibition to promote an artist, a concept, anything under artistic statement (photography, painting, sculpture, music, video, sounds, design, architecture, etc..). A newsletter presenting the artist and his project is then emailed to the whole Rock Around Asia community (customers, partners, supporters, suppliers, medias, artists, visitors, etc..). The artworks presented are of course offered for sale (see specifically for terms and conditions). If you are interested to introduce your art, please apply here.