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Magic Eye by Daniel Cordonnier

Daniel Cordonnier’s photographs take us back to the early days of photography and to the many aesthetic questions surrounding its birth.

As a scientific and mechanical process, as well as an instrument for reproducing reality, photography was initially denied its artistic dimension: the innovative and technical features favoured a purely realistic approach. Whilst photography’s main function was to faithfully capture immediate reality, paintings remained the most important medium for expressing emotions and sensations.

It took much aesthetic pressure to bring photographic practices to the same level as fine art. This recognition thus brought photography and art closer together- they began feeding off each other, both for reference and mutual influence.

The birth of Pictorialism in the late 19th century became the cradle where this new dimension emerged and flourished.  It is to this artistic stream that Daniel Cordonnier’s approach is related to.

Creative process

Daniel creative interventions in the photographic process re-enacts those of the Pictorialists, but with modern digital techniques, as he places his images in an artistic field close to abstraction, where an unconscious, invisible world is revealed.

His images question what is visible and invisible, and highlight the immateriality of landscapes or places. The vibrations and sensations that embrace those who pass through these places are captured and impressed on film, adding yet another layer to its sensitive surface.

Something becomes engrained and takes shape- an embodiment that existed only in dreams is revealed. Auras of beings and objects, ghostly presences, fleeting echoes of the soul’s journeys and movements, hints of our speed and our slowness, subtle memories of our desires for greater things…

Through a series of technical modifications nearing the supernatural, Daniel transforms his camera into a magical eye.

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