My Little Shanghai by Camille Visage

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My Little Shanghai by Camille Visage

The World of Camille Visage


Camille Visage is not a professional photographer, but when she is travelling she never forgets to bring her camera.

Just after her Bachelor’s degree she first went to China to become a Volunteer French teacher in Anhui province. China has never left her mind since then. After spending one year in a prestigious university of Shanghai, she now has a Master degree in Development of Cultural and Cooperation Projects in Asia. She worked for the French NGO Couleurs de Chine in Guangxi province, China. She is now working for Rock Around Asia in Bangkok.

In 2010 she made a lonely trip of 2 months in China to explore, discover and meet all the different people of China. She often goes back to China to explore every time a little bit more of this mysterious country. Meet Chinese people and culture and take picture of what it makes her feel.

“When I’m travelling I always keep all my senses open, and when i’m feeling that something is very special in the atmosphere of a moment, I try to meet it through my little black screen.” “Shanghai is just like that, you like it or hate it, but it never let you insensitive. Shanghai is my little confident with admiration and nostalgia. I went deep in the city’s life and it hit my heart and then it got more and more difficult to let it go slowly under bulldozers.”

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