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Nouveaux Mondes by Thibault Roland

The World of Thibault Roland

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International Award-Winning Fine Art photographer, Thibault is originally from France but lives now in Boston, USA. He works as a Biophysics researcher at Harvard University, where he uses light and microscopy techniques to study the fundamental aspects of life.
Thibault’s love for photography started early, when he first traveled to Egypt. Since then, every new trip to Africa, Asia or America has been a new occasion for him to dive deeper into the art world, learn new techniques and find his own style.
His training in Physics and career as a scientist pushed him to develop a fascination for light, how it interacts with materials, bounces off surfaces, as well as for the notion of time, and how it can be integrated and depicted in still images. It is therefore natural that he should have developed a passion for long exposure techniques and that he should specialize in landscape and architecture photography.

He is known for shooting vivid color photographs, but most of his work shows a world in black and white. Not only because he has grown a passion for monochrome and classical photography, but also because he considers stripping a picture off its colors is not a restriction. It is rather a way for him to dissociate his work from reality, create a new world of opportunities and emotions, and bring up the beauty of an atmosphere, a situation, a detail or an abstract vision that most people would dismiss.This is the reason why he does not restrict himself to a single subject or technique and enjoys shooting street life as much as portraits or seascapes.
After capturing a new photograph, he approaches it as raw material, a canvas for his imagination. He uses digital processing techniques just like a painter his brushes in order to make the picture his, by imposing and developing his own style and inner vision. He considers this appropriation and creative process just as important as shooting in itself. It allows emotions to bloom, presence to infuse, volumes to explode.
His work has been published in international magazines, exhibited in the USA and Europe and can also be found online on some of the most important photography and social media sites.
He is sponsored and Featured Artist with Formatt-Hitech, and a member of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery Program.

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  • 2013 Prix de la Photographie Paris Px3 SILVER MEDAL (SECOND PLACE) – Category Nature/Landscape, non-pro
  • 2013 International Photography Awards IPA
  • 2 HONORABLE MENTIONS for The Valley – Categories Fine Art/Landscape and Nature/Landscape, non-pro
  • 2 HONORABLE MENTIONS for the series Titanium Towers – Categories Architecture/Buildings and Fine Art/Other, non-pro
  • 4 HONORABLE MENTIONS for the series Ice Figures – Categories Fine Art Abstract, Fine Art/Other, Nature/Seasons and Nature/Other, non-pro
  • 4 HONORABLE MENTIONS for A Long Way from Home – Categories Fine Art/Landscape, Nature/Landscape, Fine Art/Other and Nature/Other, non-pro
  • 3 HONORABLE MENTIONS for A Harsh World – Categories Fine Art/Landscape, Nature/Landscape and Nature/Other, non-pro
  • 2012 International Photography Awards IPA FIRST PLACE for the series Look Up – Category Architecture/Buildings, non-pro
  • 2 HONORABLE MENTIONS for Big Brother is Watching You – Category Architecture/Buildings and Architecture/Cityscapes non-pro
  • 2 HONORABLE MENTIONS for the series Crossing Styx – Category Nature/Landscape and Fine Art/Landscape non-pro
  • 2011 Best of Photography, Photographer’s Forum Magazine FINALIST of the 31st Annual Spring Contest with Shallow
  • 2011 International Photography Awards IPA
  • 3 HONORABLE MENTIONS for Isolated – Categories Fine Art/Abstract, Fine Art/Lansdscape and Nature/Seasons, non-pro
  • 1 HONORABLE MENTION for Winter is Coming – Category Fine Art/Landscape, non-pro
  • 1 HONORABLE MENTION for Acheron – Category Fine Art/Landscape, non-pro
  • 2011 Prix de la Photographie Paris Px3
  • 1 HONORABLE MENTION for the series Ethereal Shapes – Category Nature/Other, non-pro
  • 5 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS for the series Ethereal Shapes – Categories Fine Art/Abstract and Nature/Other, non-pro
  • 10 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS for the series Winter is coming – Categories Fine Art/Landscape Nature/Trees, Nature/Lanscape and Nature/Seasons, non-pro
  • 2 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS for the series Fleetingness – Category Fine Art/Architecture, non-pro
  • 2011 State of the Art Gallery, NY USA Best Fine Art Photography Award for The Milky Way

 Gallery presence & selected past exhibitions

  • Dijon City Hall, France, 2014, 2013, 2012
  • Soho Photo Gallery, Tribeca NYC NY, USA 2014
  • Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA, 2014
  • Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA, 2013
  • Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA, 2012
  • State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca NY, USA, 2012
  • Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA, 2011
  • The “Eastern Nights” Festival, Dijon Cityhall, France, 2011
  • Galerie Le Fief, Nuits-Saint-George, France, 2011
  • State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca NY, USA, 2011
  • Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA, 2011
  • Lyon City Hall (6th District), Lyon, FRANCE, 2010
  • 6th Forum of Photography, Caluire, FRANCE, 2009
  • Pavillon de l’Orangerie, Tête d’Or Square, Lyon, FRANCE, 2009
  • Chevigny St Sauveur City Hall, FRANCE, 2009
  • Asiexpo Festival, Pierre-Bénite, FRANCE, 2008

Publications in magazines & online magazine presence

Municipal Art Society of New York City, USA
Declic Photo, France
Adore Noir Magazine
ND Magazine
Stark Magazine
Shot! Magazine
Lens Folio


Formatt-Hitech: manufacture all sorts of high-end filters for video and photography cameras, ranging from neutral density to polarizing or grad filters.
Sony: Camera and lenses manufacturer, member of the Artisans of Imagery Program

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