Become Art Franchisee of Rock Around Asia Art Gallery

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Become Art Franchisee of Rock Around Asia. Support Emerging Thai Artists and contribute to the Social Development of Thailand.

Art Franchise in Thailand seeking worldwide partners

To support Emerging Thai Artists and contribute to the Social Development of Thailand

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You are an Art lover? You want to get through a sustainable Art business and make yourself successful working on your passion? You are socially committed? You already have an operational business network? You found a commercial area to settle down? You are looking for a smart plug-and-play franchise concept? You are interested in Asian Art and supporting Emerging Artists in Thailand? Well, we guess you just knocked at the right door.

Rock Around Asia is the most eclectic and innovative Bangkok-based Art Gallery Incubator to buy, lease, commission Art and connect with new generations of Thai artists. We provide unique services on the subject of Asian art and everything Thai inspired and support talented artists by giving them mainstream representation. This mission has led us to develop the first online social network on which we have created the Internet’s largest available interactive database of emerging Thai artists. This platform is complemented by pop up exhibitions in Bangkok and Thailand.

Through this Social Network, we provide a range of art-related services

Rock Around Asia was founder in 2011 in Bangkok by French Photographer Eric Monteil before it became a leading Art Gallery Incubator in Thailand focused on serving industries such as such as Hospitality, Residential, Spa, Restaurant, Interior Designers, Architects, Property Developers, Real Estate. Through Rock Around Asia, by supporting Emerging Thai Artists, you will demonstrate your corporate social responsibility.