Export Art Outside Thailand

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Emerging Artists Thailand

Export Art Outside Thailand is a serious concern

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Worldwide shipping outside Thailand

  • Import Services Includes: Dealing with Freight Forwarders, Port /Airport Collect, Customs Clearance & Delivery (and installation if required)
  • Export Services Includes: Packing, Crate manufacturing (if required), Fine Art Certificate (for religious Art or Antiques) Application & Worldwide shipping


Safe & Secure Packing

To assure an excellent level of quality for our clients, we pack each work ourselves before sending it, with guarantee for its safety. Fragile zones of the pieces are prioritized and considered before we proceed with our careful packing, and secured for the transport. We work with trusted transporters who deliver on time, and who provide safe methods of tracking the works. We assure and oversee the tracking of the artwork until our client confirms with us that they have received the work safely and in a perfect state.

We follow a rigorous process of shipping because each artwork requires suitable packaging and wrapping. We keep our customers informed during every step of the process and follow the parcel until it arrives in good conditions. Please see below for pictures that demonstrate an example of safe packing of a valuable artwork. We keep our customers informed during every step of the process and follow the parcel until it arrives in good conditions.


Export Religious Artworks outside Thailand

Established by Fine Art Department of Bangkok

The export of some works of Art requires permission from the Fine Arts Department. It means that the piece needs to be approved for export by the Department and sealed before to being exported outside Thailand. This law dates back to 1961 and is still in force and specifies that:

  • “No person shall export or take out of the Kingdom any antique or object of art irrespective of whether they arc registered or not, unless a licence has been obtained from the Director-General. The application for a licence and the licence itself shall be in the form prescribed by the Director-General. The foregoing paragraph shall not apply to the sending of antique or object of art in transit. The licensee for exporting or taking any antique or object of art out of the Kingdom has to pay fees as fixed by the Ministerial Regulations, such fecs shall not exceed those in the Schedule annexed to this Act.”
  • Chapter 2, Antiques and objects of Art, Section 22, from the Act on Ancient Monuments, Antiques, Objects of Art and National Museums.

The delivery of a certificate to export religious artworks outside Thailand is provided by the Fine Art Department of National Museum of Bangkok and takes 3 days minimum. We charge 3,000 THB for this service.