Local Asian Art Expertises

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Balinese Kepeng Coins Statue

Bali (Indonesia) ♦ The oldest coin that has been found in Bali is a Chinese coin cast during the Tang dynasty (618-907 A.D) Indonesia has always maintained straight trading relations with China. But the real influence began in the year 12 A.D when the King Jayapangus of Bali married a Chinese princess. The Chinese presence in Bali had a great influence on Balinese culture and art. Handicraft that use Kepeng Coins is the DNA of Indonesian Fine Art Tradition and Culture, and a celebration to Asian Art.

Khon Mask Papier Mache

Thailand ♦ Khon Mask has been originated since in the ancient time, the beginning of Ratanakosin era and have been very flourishing in the era of King Rama 6, which is the golden period of literature and dancing art in Thai history. The head gear of khon and other Thai dances considered as high class things, so artists and people worship the Khon mask, and not step over or even walk nearby. And that is why we always keep Khon mask in the high level place.

Koh Kret Earthenware

Thailand ♦ Koh Kret is an artificial Island created in the 18th century, in the Chao Phraya river, 20km north of Bangkok. The Mon, natives of South China, were one of the first tribes to settle in Thailand. Between the 6th and 10th century, they were dominating central Thailand. Today Koh Kret constitute one of the last refuges for the Mon traditional culture. The Island is considered for his special Mon earthenware pottery called Kwan Aman. This pottery is unglazed terracotta carved with different patterns. The most impressive is that the Mon potters are still using the same traditional technique to mould a piece of clay into a beautiful piece of pottery.

Cambodia Marble Carving

Cambodia ♦ Cambodian Marble Stone Art pieces are mostly provided by craftsmen trained in Pursat Province in Cambodia. Marble Khmer Art depict the splendor and nostalgia of Angkor Era. Marble is abundant and early extracted in this area. Skillful marble carvers can be seen sculpting precisely huge Buddhas and beautiful statues. A carving school as even been created in Pursat to teach over 300 students how to improve the best carving techniques.

Kwan Yin Bali Coins Statue
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Bali Kepeng Coins Statue

Fine Art of Indonesia
Khon Mask Brahma
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Khon Mask Papier Marche

Fine Art of Thailand
Koh Kret Earthenware Pottery
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Koh Kret Earthernware

Fine Art of Thailand
King of the Khmer
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Cambodia Marble Carving

Fine Art of Cambodia