Rock Around Asia Founder’s Statement

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“Entrusting a decorating project to Rock Around Asia means providing a real financial support to an innovative and socially committed enterprise, which focuses on Thai Youth, therefore the future of the country and allows its customers to invest in Art rationally and responsibly”

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Rock Around Asia is not an art gallery but a Political Act socially engaged to serve an ambitious vision: Offer an alternative to the survival so-called “Art Market” in Thailand by giving hope to Emerging Thai Artists.

A Political Act first because we defend from the beginning and forcefully culture and education. Then socially engaged because we take our responsibility to give a chance to young Thais whoever they are: Artists and/or young graduates in Art History, Archaeology, Anthropology, etc.

The basic conclusion is clear and certainly not provocative: the Art Market for individuals in Thailand does not exist. To date, there has never been a political will to promote the creation of an ecosystem that would lead to a real Art Market like Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, etc. This is a strange paradox because many faculties of Fine Arts in Thailand annually educate about 500 artists, who will not have the chance to make a living of their Art and culturally weigh on a society they expect more modern.

However, if there is no Art Market for individuals, the needs of certain industries in this area deserve particular attention. Intense competition in sectors such as hospitality, catering, wellness, real estate, etc. requires from the owners of these companies to create unique living spaces with particular attention to the decor. What better than Art to give a soul to a place? The issue for these companies and their service providers / suppliers is to source Art at the right price, implying a minimum of knowledge about Art business, to be able to advise or to be advised. Even on this, the consulting offer is non-existent.

As for the actors of the Art Market in Thailand, the general trend is to resignation rather than creativity and innovation. The galleries still lose money by organizing exhibitions that generate little or no sales. Some historical Bangkok-based galleries have closed their doors over the last 12 months. Those who go to galleries openings/exhibitions openings are firstly interested in friendly networking and free alcohol consumption rather than invest in artworks and supporting artists in need. A trend is emerging in the hipster neighborhood of Bangkok with the appearance of coffee-galleries that sell drinks and food but leave the artists care to fund exhibitions logistics and marketing. Finally, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok (MOCA) is sadly quiet since it has opened its doors in 2012, while it is a beautiful space hosting major Thai Art. As for Jatujak, it is still there on the weekend a few artists to present their work but it’s not there that the Cultural Revolution will take place.

To sum up, all Art Market players in Thailand are targeting individuals without offering any services to businesses and artists, except what is universally common. Just a simple analysis of sectorial keywords on Google validates this assertion.

Having seen a great opportunity on this early 2015, Rock Around Asia has started to build an innovative and virtuous model so that Emerging Thai Artists and businesses can meet. To enable this relationship, we offer a unique range of services and create value for each other.

Specifically, we are focusing on the Future and Youth. The concept is based on developing an online platform, which is a social network dedicated to Emerging Thai Artists that integrates business functions and Art-related services. This platform is unique in the world, unique in its kind, both through what it can do and the business positioning it allows.

We connect producers (young artists) to buyers (businesses) through this community platform managed by a team of creative Art consultants. The purpose is both to propose artworks for sale already produced and / or commission artists (project mode).

We work in close collaboration with the Universities of Fine Arts in Thailand to source artists. A minimum of 3 days working closely with each of these young talents is needed before to post any profile on the platform (presentation, interviews, artworks for sale, pictures and videos in Thai with English subtitles). The first version of this social network went online in January 2016. To date, 70 artist’s profiles are available online and more than 600 artworks offered for sale. The goal is to reach 1,000 artists within 3 years. All our consultants graduated from the prestigious Silpakorn University Bangkok (Bachelor / Master degree in History of Art, Archeology, Anthropology, etc.).

Entrusting a decorating project to Rock Around Asia means providing a real financial support to an innovative and socially committed enterprise, which focuses on Thai Youth, therefore the future of the country and allows its customers to invest in Art rationally and responsibly.

In 2010, when I was traveling through Southeast Asia on a motorcycle, I could not imagine that the initial idea of giving mainstream representation to local artists and unknown craftsmen will give birth to such an ambitious project only 4 years later.

Rock Around Asia, this company I have founded in 2012, that I carry with all my strengths, is my contribution to society and its development, the trace that I want to leave in Thai culture.

Eric Monteil

Founder Managing Director
(Bangkok, 22/08/2016)

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