Faculty of Fine Arts of Silpakorn University Bangkok

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Emerging Artists Thailand

Emerging Thai Artists from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Silpakorn University (Bangkok)

Silpakorn University is a well-known public university in Thailand. The university was founded in Bangkok in 1943 by Italian-born art professor Corrado Feroci, who took the Thai name Silpa Bhirasri when he became a Thai citizen. Silpakorn University is presently under the supervision of the Office of the Higher Education Commission, the Ministry of Education and was originally established as the School of Fine Arts under the Fine Arts Department in 1933. Primarily, the school has offered the only studying programs in Painting and Sculpture by waiving tuition fees for the government officers and the students. Its inception and development owed much to an almost lifetime devotion of Professor Silpa Bhirasri, an Italian sculptor (previously called Professor Corrado Feroci) who was commissioned during the reign of King Rama VI to work in the Fine Arts Department. He subsequently enlarged the classes to include greater members of the interested public before taking his initiative in setting up the School of Fine Arts. The School gradually developed and was officially accorded a new status and named, Silpakorn University, on 12 October 1943.

Located at the Wang Tha Phra in Bangkok, the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts was Silpakorn’s inaugural faculty when the University was formally established in 1943. At that time, it offered only two programs of study: painting and sculpture. Since then, its curriculum has been broadened to cover several other areas of specialization that are designed to enrich student’s knowledge of visual arts and artistic creativity, for example, painting, sculpture, graphic arts, Thai art, art theory, and mixed medias in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs.

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