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Parichart Suphaphan

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Thai Teacher in Fine Art @ Silpakorn University Bangkok, Thailand

Born in 1977 in Ayuddha (Thailand), Parichart (nickname Ju) Suphaphan is a successful Thai Artist who currently heads the Etching Section as Art Instructor of the Graphic Art Department in the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts at Silpakorn University. Parichart is specialized in Lithography (printmaking) but she can provide acrylic & oil on canvas and mixed media as well.

Parichart Suphaphan made a vow that she will always be happy and expand her happy sphere. She is a talented artist with self-admiration and lot of confidence. Her gestures are pretentious, provocative and foxy. The bodily shape is enlarged while the apparels are way too modern. Few Asian ladies will ever have enough guts to wear such clothes and shoes. Her last exhibition in Bangkok “Super Summer” was a tribute to exaggeration. The exhibition featured drawings, fine arts, prints and three-dimensional art or sculpture of the artist in a very exaggerated pose. This is what Parichart wants.

Parichart is a cool artist, bubbly, whose world made of colors and contrasts shows the eccentricity of women who want to free themselves from social norms and constraints. The freedom of being, thinking and acting are driving Parichart. The round shapes and generous breasts of her models are a naughty wink to Colombian artist Fernando Botero’s work. Beyond the successful artist she is, Parichart is also a respected professor who teaches Etching (printmaking) and heads the Etching Section at the Graphic Art Department of Silpakorn University of Bangkok.


  • 2005 – M.F.A. (Graphic Arts), Faculty of Painting Sculpture And Graphic Art, Silpakorn University, Bangkok Thailand
  • 2000 – B.F.A. (Graphic Arts), Faculty of Painting Sculpture And Graphic Art, Silpakorn University, Bangkok Thailand

Exhibitions, Honours & Awards

Parichart by herself

Happiness! I have received from my family as well as their kindness and dedication are the things that have kept me going unabashedly and fully confident with myself. Happiness! is when they make realize that I am loved and not alone. Happiness! is what refreshes my heart, helping me find good attitudes toward the world and everything around me. Happiness! has no ending. “Attitude” toward and “Appearance” of women according to social norm is portrayed through my artworks. I dress in many costumes and strike a pose. I toy with these appearances, shifting to one character to another. From the leading role, to the jealousy antagonist, from a working woman to a lucky lady or charming foxy. I reflect the other side of the society, the luxurious illusion of “objects”. I am being satirical and sarcastic so that instead of creating charmingly smart or elegant look, I am creating smiles by being alluring yet funny and not at all on the envy side.

Educational Art Thailand

Rock Around Asia is leading an educational art program in partnership with the Etching Section (headed by Parichart Suphaphan) of the Faculty of Fine Art at Silpakorn University in Bangkok. This educational art program aims to coach students in Fine Art in order to facilitate their access to the Art Market. Supporting students in Fine Art requires us to gather, collect, sort, interview, conceptualize, formalize and issue final marketing materials (biography in English, photos of artworks, student portraits, collages, pricing, web integration, social medias promotion, etc.). Click on the link below to access to all Educational Art Collection For Sale.

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Head of Etching Section of Graphic Arts Department of Silpakorn University Bangkok
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Bio & Exhibitions