Visiting Thai Correction Museum in bangkok

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Visiting Thai Correction Museum Bangkok

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About Thai Correction Museum

Visiting Bangkok Correction Museum aims to introduce incarceration system in Thailand. It is well know that Thai jails are wild places where it’s better to stay away or never get in. This museum evokes prisoners’ treatments and living conditions in jail and records the macabre history and prison life in Thailand. Nevertheless, some social scientists in Thailand have commented in 2005 that the prisons are getting too comfortable to serve as deterrence.

The Correction Museum is an incarceration museum in Bangkok. It is located on Maha Chai Road on the site of a former Bangkok maximum security prison built in 1890 during the reign of King Chulalongkorn Rama V. The prison museum was established in 1939 in another prison, the Bang Kwang Central Prison (Northern Bangkok, Nonthaburi), which had served as a training center for corrections officers and gained the notorious title of “Bangkok Hilton”, a cynical reference to “Hanoi Hilton” in Vietnam, reputed for its brutal prison history.

The museum records the macabre history and prison life in Thailand. However, although the Thai government decided to demolish much of the prison in 1987, three blocks, a cellblock, part of the prison wall and two watchtowers were preserved to establish the new Bangkok Corrections Museum. Later the remainder of the site became the quiet Romanni Nart Park, officially opened on August 7, 1999. Rommani Nart Park is a 4 hectares park, bounded by Maha Chai Road and Siri Phong Road, the old prison compound, just behind the museum.

This place is currently closed for renovation purpose and there is not announced date about reopening.

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