Private Cultural, Art & Museums Tours in Bangkok

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Bangkok Best Museums Tours by Rock Around Asia

Private tours for a unique Thai cultural experience in Bangkok

♥ Museums ♥ History ♥ Fine Art & Crafts ♥ Urban Jungle Ride ♥ Buddhism Immersion ♥ National Heritage ♥ River

Rock Around Asia brings more meaning to museum and monuments visits and a wider context to the exhibits, as the we offer highly intellectual foreign and local experts for these visits. We not only explain the monuments or museum’s displays, but also bring perspective and academic content into our tours. We are also experts on a large number of monuments and museums and sights in Bangkok. Rock Around Asia makes unique cultural experiences for special interest groups, academics, universities, and travelers with distinct interests.

The story of Rattanakosin (Bangkok) is ultimately the summary of Thailand history since the onset of the civilization of Ban Chiang, about 3,000 BC. The centralizing policy pursued since the dawn of time, despite some reforms that have eased in some respects, a fact that most of the remains from the past are more or less grouped in Bangkok. One reason is the strong development of successive capitals, due to the presence of the sovereigns, to the detriment of the provinces. The development of arts, culture and religions which are the King’s protected area, was mainly possible in successive capital cities. Wars, mainly with the neighboring Burmese, are responsible for the looting and destruction of the heritage of Ayutthaya, which only the stone monuments have survived to disasters. And Sukhothai poor but fascinating remains keep going to be eroded by passing time.

Thonburi period marks a double transition. First, because the liberator of Ayutthaya, Thaksin, became king and founder of Thonburi, has been executed by the first circle of his generals, marking the end of a difficult period for the memory of Thailand. Then, because the end of Thonburi opens the way to the current flourishing era, Rattanakosin, founded in 1782 by Rama I, the first of the Chakri Dynasty. The contemporary period, rich in historical events and archives, has been developed thanks to the benevolence of the monarchs who succeeded for more than two centuries. But also, thanks to the daring of civil society, such as students, workers, politicians, different communities that set themselves up against the maintenance of certain privileges, most of the time protected by the military, authors of numerous coups since the end of absolute monarchy fell in 1932.

This exclusive private cultural tours program below aims to trace the history of Thailand through the prism of culture. All topics covered: Monuments, history, arts, religion, medicine, the prison system, the heritage and the action of the royal family, political, social, etc., will allow visitors to understand the evolution of the Thailand since prehistoric times and measure challenges the country is facing on the eve of its entry into ASEAN.

Book History of Thailand (Bangkok Museums Tour)
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Book History of Thailand (Bangkok Museums Tour)

Bangkok National Museum - Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall - Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok
Book Contemporary Thai Society (Bangkok Museums Tour)
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Book Contemporary Thai Society (Bangkok Museums Tour)

Siriraj Hospital Museum - Correction Museum - Thai Labour Museum - Bangkok Art & Culture Center
Eric Monteil Photography Bangkok Urban Jungle Tour_15
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Book Bangkrachao Jungle Ride (Bangkok Bicycle Tour)

Bicycle Tour - Soi Nakorn Kurn Kun Royal Park - Bang Nam Puang Nok Temple - Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market - Fighting Fish Museum - Chao Phraya riverbay - Botanic garden - Wild life
Eric Monteil Photography Water & Origins Tour_09
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Book Chao Phraya Klongs Experience (Bangkok River Tour)

Morning cruise on Chao Phraya River - Wat Arun - Klongs of Bangkok Yai & Bangkok Noi - National Museum of Royal Barges
Eric Monteil Photography Chinatown Tour_20
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Book Chinatown Crawling (Bangkok Chinese Coolies Tour)

Chinatown gate - Wat Traimit Witthayara - Thian Fa Hospital - Yaowarat Road - Historic house Charoen Chai community - Wat Mangkorn Kamalawat - Sampheng market - Gold shop & Medicine shop
Eric Monteil Photography Thai National Heritage Tour_11
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Book Thai National Heritage (Bangkok Monuments Tour)

Wat Pho - Reclining Buddha - Grand Palace - Emerald Buddha - Angkor Wat - Ramakien Murals - Bangkok National Museum
Eric Monteil Photography Thai Art & Culture Tour_41
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Book Thai Art Museums (Bangkok Fine Art & Crafts Tour)

Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall Arts of the Kingdom - Vimanmek Mansion (Dusit Palace) - Suan Pakkad Museum - Museum Of Contemporary Art of Bangkok
Eric Monteil Photography Thai SpiritualityTour_18
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Book Thai Buddhism Immersion (Bangkok Temples Tour)

Wat Suthat - Loha Prasat - Wat Sakhet (Golden Mountain Pagoda) - Wat Benchamabopitr