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Cambodia has a rich and ancient history of art that stretches back for centuries to the Angkor period. (Approximately 9-15th century) Long before the establishment of the modern state of Cambodia the Khmer Empire reigned supreme; the majestic monument of Angkor Wat stands strong today as testament to their immense power and architectural brilliance.

Cambodian stone carving is an ancient tradition and the Khmer people were considered among the finest stone-carvers in the world. In honour of this fascinating and ancient culture we have a large selection of magnificent Cambodian art for sale and when you witness the quality of the craftsmanship you will understand why they were regarded so highly.

These Angkor Art stone carvings vary in size from 13cm all the way up to 80cm, so whether you are looking for a delightful little ornamental gift or a large marble-stone statuette you’ll be certain to find something suitable.

All of the Cambodia art for sale on our website is 100% hand crafted, authentic and of the highest quality. The rich cultural beauty emanates from these magnificent works of art and perfectly captures the exotic mysticism of South-East Asia.

We have everything from Bayon Temple stone heads, Apsaras Dancers and Dragon turtles to Garuda, Hanuman and traditional Buddha statuettes. They are rustic and charming and would be the perfect addition for an ancient Cambodian themed garden or patio. Imagine a variety of these incredible stone statuettes standing amidst a garden of luscious green; as though every time you are in your garden you’ve stepped into the ancient Khmer Empire.

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