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The tremendous region of Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world spanning over 18,307 islands and is home to over 190 million people. While a great deal of Indonesia’s charm resides in its gargantuan, untamed wilderness and fascinating cultural background; its wonderful cities and world-renowned resorts attract millions from across the globe each year.

What better a way to capture the true beauty and magnificence of Indonesia than through a selection of beautiful, hand crafted art? We have a delightful selection of Indonesia art for sale, specifically hailing from the famed region of Bali. Our Balinese carvings are available in all manner of different styles and sizes ranging from 30 to 60 cm.

Whether you are looking for a delightful gift for a loved one or you’d like to create a relaxed and spiritualistic vibe in your home; you’ll be sure to discover something amazing in our selection.
The most exceptional art pieces from our Indonesian handicraft collection are the Balinese Kepeng Coins Statues with represent Dewi, Oleg, Legong and Guan Yin.

We offer a small selection of Balinese Epoxy Resin statuettes that come in a variety of colours. These funky Buddha Pop art pieces capture the vibrant South-East Asian culture and would serve as a fitting gift of friendship.

We also have a large selection of Bali wood carvings for sale, from vibrant dragon temple ornaments crafted from Suar Mahogany wood, to charming Crocodile wood Legong dancer statuettes. Notice the fine detail and expert craftsmanship that has gone into these incredible pieces; a true representation of authentic Indonesian wood carving.

All of our items are available for shipping worldwide so if you find something that you like then please feel free to contact us for shipping fees or any additional information that you may require. Otherwise please enjoy browsing through our range of beautiful Balinese art.

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