Fall Down 1 by Dusit Pimchangtong

Artwork features

  • Oil on canvas
  • 140X140 cm
  • 2013
  • Thailand Paintings For Sale

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Thailand Paintings For Sale Online (Purchase Thailand Paintings Online)

Thailand Paintings For Sale Online

Fall Down 1 by Dusit Pimchangtong

Artwork features

  • Oil on canvas
  • 140X140 cm
  • 2013

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Dusit Pimchangtong

Dusit Pimchangtong is 36 years old. In 1999, he received his degree in Art and Painting at the Rajamangala Technological Institute in the province of Pathum Thani.

Dusit Pimchangtong’s inspiration

Nothing is lasting and everything comes to an end. This is one of the first teachings of Buddha. From childhood, Buddhists are raised to look at impermanence and transformation. They learn to move beyond material things and not to become attached because dissatisfaction and loss are sources of suffering. Statues and mandalas representing a serene Buddha encourage the faithful in their spiritual quest and help them to accept our inevitable end.

Yet the fear of death is the same everywhere. Despite the many representations of Buddha which emanate serenity and wisdom, many believers fretfully clutch their worry beads, praying to Buddha by evoking the subject of death.

In contrast with conciliatory representations, Dusit Pimchangtong has made this series of paintings on the decline preceding death. Ripping the canvas from hypocritical serenity, he gives us his vision of death with powerful realism.


After working in a studio as a graphic artist, Dusit opened his own workshop in Chatuchak and began selling his landscapes, which were done in an impressionist style. Yet his nudes were what represented his personal style and which he would then focus on afterwards.

Dusit is currently working on a series of expressionist oil-on-canvas paintings exploring the Buddhist concept of the four ages of life. His approach focuses on the period of decline preceding death, illustrating the suffering of a sick old man. These oppose the serene, reclining represnentations of a man prepared for death in official Buddhist art. Dusit offers an anguished vision, which he says is more sincere, about the degeneration of the body and mind.

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