ManMan by Bundit Puangthong

Artwork features

  • Oil stick, acrylic and spray on canvas
  • 195X185 cm
  • 2013
  • Thailand Paintings For Sale
  • Sold

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Thailand Paintings For Sale Online (Purchase Thailand Paintings Online)

Thailand Paintings For Sale Online

ManMan Hanuman by Bundit Puangthong

Artwork features

  • Oil stick, acrylic and spray on canvas
  • 195X185 cm
  • 2013

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Bundit Puangthong

Bundit Puangthong is a Melbourne-based contemporary Thai artist. His body of work celebrates and expands the rich cross-cultural dialogue taking place in contemporary Melbourne. Over the past few years he has developed an artistic identity that fuses his training in traditional Thai art with a modern western-based arts practice. His paintings incorporate elements of traditional Thai art, American pop art and contemporary street art in attempt to strike a balance between the cultures in which he lives.

Bundit Puangthong’s inspiration

Bundit has recently completed a Masters in Visual Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts. In 2004, he completed a Diploma in Visual Arts with Honours at the Australian Academy of Design. He studied traditional Thai art for eight years at Nakkhon Si Tammarat Academy of the Arts and Chang Mai University, where he was mentored by renowned Thai artist Montien Boonma. His work explores a diversity of themes, from his own understanding(s) of Buddhism and how this fits into life in Australia, through historical stories of Buddha and aspects of Thai culture such as superstition and royalty. Drawing on his traditional Lai Thai Arts Training his paintings are rich in symbolic. They play with language, deliberately using it incorrectly or making associations between words, confusing the viewer and asking them to decode the work and question its intended meaning.

His work is presented on canvas and involves a range of mixed media including house paints, acrylics, oil sticks, spray paint, medium and glues, and uses a range of techniques from stencils and graffiti art, to detail brushwork. He also enjoys the process of turning found objects and junk found on the street into fine art.

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