Online Purchase Process

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We advise our customers to contact us before any online purchase

Indeed, most of the items for sale on are fragile and need special care before to be shipped. Because shipping artworks is always an issue in terms or packing, protection, handling, custom clearance, etc, etc., we do take it seriously.

  • First of all, we do packing and additional protections by ourselves and take photos during the process
  • For wooden crate and fumigation, we have reliable suppliers that support us very well
  • For custom shipping (and custom clearance), we work with TNT, DHL and Thai Post
  • For insurance, it depends on the artwork to ship
  • For religious items, we apply Clearance Certificate to the Fine Art Department of Bangkok

For all these reasons, we need to have a previous chat to agree on customized shipping service.

Before to add your cart

Please kindly contact us to be informed about:

  • Worldwide Shipping Quotation (wrapping, packing, protection, handling, insurance, delivery and terms)
  • Online Payment: PayPal (Fees 4,6%), International Bank Transfer (Fees 3%), Credit Card with PayPal (4,6%)
  • Other special request(s) (if any)

01-Contact us for shipping quotation.

1- Pre-purchase process

Step 1 > Before any online purchase, we need to know

  • What item(s) you would like to purchase to inform/advise you about shipping options
    • – Wooden crate (for items require special precocious handling)
    • – Fumigation
    • – Clearance Certificate from Fine Art Department of Bangkok (in case of religious artworks)
    • – Insurance for damage/loss
    • – Other particular request (if any)
  • What is the billing address
    • – Full address, zip code, city, country, phone number, email
  • What is the shipping address if different of billing address

Step 2 > Acknowledge receipt of your inquiry

  • Once we received your web inquiry, we will email you in return our quotation for shipping and options fees

Step 3 Confirmation

  • Kindly confirm quotation by email
  • Then you can start online purchase process >> Check paragraph 2- Purchase process

Step 4 > Documents to provide

  • Copy of your passport (scan / send by email)
  • Shipping form properly filled (scan / send by email)

Step 5 > Online Purchase confirmation

  • We will acknowledge receipt by email
  • Then, we will start shipping process
  • Once your item(s) dispatched, we will email you tracking info and packing process photos
  • And follow up until you confirmed the good reception of your parcel


2- Purchase process

Step 1 → Select your customized item for “Service” on the store → Add to cart

  • This item is your customized service for shipping and option(s) available here to Add to cart
  • We have sent you by email the reference (2 capital letters followed by 4 digits)

02-1 Add To Cart (Service) (Purchase Process).

Step 2 →Select your item(s) on the store  Add to cart

02-2 Add To Cart (Item) (Purchase Process).

Step 3 → Once your selection is done, you can → View Cart

03 View Cart (Purchase Process).

Step 4  After you checked your cart, please → Proceed to Checkout

04 Check & Update Before Proceed To Checkout (Purchase Process).

Step 5 → Fill billing details and shipping address (click if different one) then  Scroll down

05 Checkout & Billing Details (Purchase Process).

Step 6  Select PayPal and accept Terms & Conditions before → Place your order.

Step 7  Proceed payment with your → PayPal Account or Credit Card

07 Payment via PayPal (Purchase Process).

3- In case of damage and/or loss

  • Take photos of your item(s) damaged
  • In any case, take photos of the container (carton box or wooden crate)
  • Write a report with details and circumstances
  • Contact us immediately by email and send us documents above within 48 hours
  • Then we will contact the insurance company and activate refund process