Research & Development

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Rock Around Asia innovates in the field of art and high-end cultural tourism, which aims to further expands into niche markets in the world. Our mission is to introduce and support talented artists and artisans who have no (or little) ability to make themselves known and to convey history through unusual thematic tours. We are creative and, on the basis of this agreed principle which forms our DNA, we seek to highlight the little-known riches of South-East Asia. We also seek to go far beyond this, as our contribution brings us increasingly to collaborate with certain artists who create works from our own concepts.

The whole approach of Rock Around Asia is based on promoting Asian cultures, arts and craft skills and historic sites since it continues to have a link with the modern times. We want to be the bridge between a glorious past and the current need and not to forget anything about the origins at the risk of intellectual and cultural jeopardy (in summary, the decline of education). Today, it poses a real danger as the world is going out of control and moves away from human values when no machine, however advanced it is, will never be able to create the civilization of Angkor or write a tale such as Ramakien.

The facts agree that there’s a scheduled ecological disaster, that there’s a new period of inquisition led by religious fanatics who falsely claim to be Islamic and that there’s an inexorable upsurge of extremism in Europe related to the irresponsibility of the ruling elites, etc., but few talk about the intellectual and cultural jeopardies which grow progressively so as the so-called communication technology which overwhelm us by enslaving us.

In the end, History shows that only artists reminds us constantly of what man is and he alone is capable of, in other words they bring the best of man. Hitler, a frustrated artist who committed genocide had understood it by murdering the artists and by claiming ownership of secular masterpieces of Heritage of Humanity.

Based on this vision and our desire to maintain the artistic and historical memory of Asia, we search for ways of developing Rock Around Asia based on both a creative process and a translation into reality: new product/ new service/ market access.

Executing a mission like Rock Around Asia compels us to cross many entry barriers: Sourcing the works, management of supplies with their associated limitations (multicurrency purchases, packaging, protection, transportation, insurance, customs clearance, challenging local practice of English, etc.), confusion between Art and Religion of local authorities, Regulatory protectionism, etc.

If we add to this list the necessity of differentiating itself in order to offer a true new value-added service, the Research and Development become an essential process to achieve it and this thus gives Rock Around Asia its originality and potential for development.