Secure payment

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You can use both your PayPal Account and/or Credit Card

Payment for goods or services purchases is processed securely by PayPal. Here are some of the ways that PayPal keeps your information secure:

  • PayPal use industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools
  • PayPal don’t share your financial information with the merchant
  • PayPal send you a confirmation email when you make a payment

Want to get even more from PayPal?

When you sign up for a PayPal account, you get the same industry-leading security we use to process all our payments and these advantages:

  • You can pay easily and securely with your bank account or credit card (click here to watch video for credit card payment)
  • You don’t need to dig out your credit card every time you pay. You save your details in your PayPal account so you don’t have to enter them again and again
  • PayPal offers buyer protection on eligible transactions for up to the full purchase price plus original shipping charges