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Education Art Hong-Kong: A program to support Emerging Artists

Raise business opportunity to support emerging Hong-Kong artists students in Fine Arts

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Rock Around Asia’s main mission is to promote all forms of art from Asia, particularly works created by young emerging artists who do not necessarily have the ability to make themselves known and thus, to meet future clients. Rock Around Asia is leading this Education Art Program in partnership with Fine Art Universities in Asia. This Education Art Program in Asia aims to coach emerging artists students in Fine Arts in Hong-Kong in order to facilitate their access to the Art Market:

  • Promote Hong-Kong students in Fine Arts in by allowing them to meet their future clients: As such, each student nominated by his teacher will have a space on Rock Around Asia Social Network Platform to introduce him/herself and sell his/her works;
  • Encourage and finance cultural initiatives related to the education, engagement, and empowerment of young artists who want to succeed in the arts.

Rock Around Asia has first launched this Education Art Program in Thailand early 2015 in partnership with Hong-Kong Faculties of Fine Arts.

♥ Education Art Team

Education Art Asia Team

♥ Educational Art Asia For Sale Online (Purchase Educational Art Asia Online)

Supporting students in Fine Art previously requires a significant work from us to gather, collect, sort, interview, conceptualize, formalize and issue final marketing materials (biography in English, photos of artworks, student portraits, collages, pricing, web integration, social medias promotion, etc.). Click on the link above to access to all Educational Art Collection For Sale.

♥ Arts Educational Tours Asia

Rock Around Asia brings more meaning to museum visits and a wider context to the exhibits, as the we offer highly intellectual foreign and local experts for these visits. We not only explain the museum’s displays, but also bring perspective and academic content into our tours. We are also experts on a large number of museums and sights in Bangkok.Rock Around Asia makes unique cultural experiences for special interest groups, academics, universities, and travelers with distinct interests.

♥ Rock Around Asia’s Emerging Artists Community in Hong-Kong

Rock Around Asia is Bangkok based Art Gallery-Museum specialized in Traditional Southeast Asian Fine Art from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia. Rock Around Asia proposes a major collection of Traditional Asian Art (about 400 pieces) such as wooden carving, paintings, lacquers, bronze, marble carving (Khmer Art), pop art, earthenware (Mon Art), Khon Masks (Thai Art), lithographs, prints, etc. Our mission is to find and support talented young Asian talented artists who have few ability to make themselves known.

♥ Testimonials

Please kindly check the reviews to know more about Rock Around Asia.