Bangkok Best Museums Tours by Rock Around Asia

Visiting National Museum of Bangkok coached by Rock Around Asia Art Gallery consultants aims to fly over Thailand history since Ban Chiang Era to present time. The National Museum in Bangkok houses a vast collection of artifacts and antiques from all over Thailand of all different eras. These include Neolithic tools, pottery, gems, bronze and iron objects, and Buddhist sculptures in stone, terracotta, as well as illustrated scripture books manuscript cabinets and votive plaques.

Bangkok Best Museums Tours is a cultural program provided by Rock Around Asia Art Gallery in Bangkok, which aims to trace the history of Thailand through the prism of culture and mainly focuses on visiting museums. All topics covered: history, arts, medicine, the prison system, the heritage and the action of the royal family, political, social, etc., will allow visitors to understand the evolution of the Thailand since prehistoric times and measure challenges the country is facing on the eve of its entry into ASEAN.